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  • The Hidden Costs of Oil Changes

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    Oil is at the heart of powerful hydraulic systems, from diggers to plant machinery, and each system relies on oil to function. 


    Changing oil is a headache for service engineers as, unlike changing the oil in your car, oil changes for industrial equipment is based on need. Often service engineers plan an oil change to halt further contamination. However an oil change is not correcting the problem; not only is this costly but provides further consequences for the environment with oil waste.


  • Production Capacity increased

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    We are happy to announce the appointment of Paul Davies. Bringing with him a wealth of hands on experience and technical expertise, Paul is a welcome addition to our skilled production and engineering team.

    We are extremely lucky to have such a talented and dedicated group of engineers, each committed to manufacturing high quality fuel/oil polishing systems.

  • Why is Oil Analysis important?

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    Why is analysis so important?

    Contamination can either come from external sources (ingestion) or are generated from within (ingression). New systems often have contaminants left behind from manufacturing and assembly. Unless they are filtered as they enter the circuit, both the original fluid and the make-up fluid are likely to contain more contaminants than the system can tolerate. Systems can ingest contaminants through components such as worn cylinder rod seals. Furthermore, airborne contaminants can be a problem during routine maintenance, as well as friction and heat producing contamination internally.

  • Custom made filtration systems proving popular

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    In the run up to Christmas Filtertechnik are busy with our world- class filtration systems being in constant demand across the globe. All of our systems are designed and built here in the U.K, with our expert engineering team ready to ensure that customer requirements are always met.

    Customised solutions

  • Filtasorb2 continues to impress with new trials on transformer oil

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    Filtasorb2 worked wonders with a waste management company

    With the recent success of using Filtasorb2 to remove water from diesel fuel and hydraulic oil, a study was carried out to understand how effective the media was for removing water from transformer oil and what level the water content could be brought down to.

  • Protect Your Pistons! Hippo proves a hit for overseas hydraulics

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    We have been working with PT. Kelmer, a leading filtration service and supply company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Providing cutting-edge contamination control systems, for both simple and more complex applications, they promote a total system cleanliness approach for a variety of industries.

    PT. Kelmer were working on behalf of Commonwealth Steel, a company producing grinding media supplied to mining companies across Indonesia. They have several hydraulic press systems with inline filters already installed.