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  • Filtasorb2 real life test results

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    Outperforming the competition by a factor of 3!
    The Filtasorb2 filter cell was tested to determine its efficiency at removing water from diesel fuel.  Testing did not cover the filters efficiency for particulate removal.  The diesel fuel used was BS EN 590 #2 (2-D) automotive diesel fuel.

  • What is Dirt-Holding Capacity and why is it so important?

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    As you may know, over 85% of all hydraulic system failures are caused by contaminants in the fluid, either by the direct mechanical action between the contaminants and the system components, or by the contamination acting as a catalyst to accelerate oxidation of the fluid, prompting chemical breakdown.

    Even if no failure occurs, operating efficiency can be markedly reduced and the size of the contamination can vary from the size of a human hair, down to those undetectable by the human eye.

  • Hydraulic Systems Cleaned On Time, Every Time

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    Filtertechnik have been working closely with one of the world’s leading producers of construction equipment. With locations globally, this multinational corporation is known for its quality and manufactures a diverse range of construction, mining, military and industrial equipment.

  • Filtertechnik Deliver sky high savings

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    The aviation industry demands the cleanest possible oil which in turn requires heavy investment in maintaining and servicing the often highly stable synthetic fluid. In order to achieve this in an effective and economical way, oil filtration needs to take place regularly to ensure that the correct ISO cleanliness levels are met.  

  • Injection Moulding & Filtration

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    Injection moulding is the process of injecting molten plastic at high pressure into a mould to form a given shape. Hydraulic pressure is at the heart of most injection moulding machines, regardless of the make. The hydraulic system provides the force behind pushing the product into the mould and then splitting the mould open again.  

  • Filtasorb2 launched by Filtertechnik

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    Filtasorb2 launched by Filtertechnik

    An innovative new British technology for the removal of water from oil and fuel

    Filtertechnik, a leader in filtration technology and clean-up systems for fuel, biodiesel, oil, and process fluids, has launched Filtasorb2, its revolutionary new water absorbency media. Filtasorb2 is set to revolutionise the market for removing both free and absorbed water from all oils, bio-based oils, biodiesel and modern blends of diesel fuel, both from a technical point of view and as a viable economic proposition.