• From concept to creation - five steps to custom-made filtration

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    Filtertechnik have over 20 years experience of taking a filtration concept and turning it into a world class filtration solution. Our deep understanding of filtration enables our design and engineering team to take the concept and manufacture the right filtration system, no matter what the application.

    For every custom-made filtration system request we take a universal approach:

  • AMPS Conference: Knowledge Gap review

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    Always keen to further our knowledge, the issues surrounding the energy industry provided food for thought for our technical team down at the AMPS conference 2016.

    The day event, set in a rather fitting grand hall, brought together key speakers from the energy industry capturing the audience’s attention throughout the day. With over 150 delegates attending it proved an irresistible opportunity to network with current and prospective customers.

  • Top tips for fuel management

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    For all of you new to the filtration market or whom have spent many years working to find the perfect fuel management strategy, these top tips are for you:

    1. Site Surveys 
    Understand your fuel storage on site properly and always check:

  • The Hidden Costs of Oil Changes

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    Oil is at the heart of powerful hydraulic systems, from diggers to plant machinery, and each system relies on oil to function. 


    Changing oil is a headache for service engineers as, unlike changing the oil in your car, oil changes for industrial equipment is based on need. Often service engineers plan an oil change to halt further contamination. However an oil change is not correcting the problem; not only is this costly but provides further consequences for the environment with oil waste.


  • Production Capacity increased

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    We are happy to announce the appointment of Paul Davies. Bringing with him a wealth of hands on experience and technical expertise, Paul is a welcome addition to our skilled production and engineering team.

    We are extremely lucky to have such a talented and dedicated group of engineers, each committed to manufacturing high quality fuel/oil polishing systems.

  • Filtertechnik will be attending the National Fluid Power Centre

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    We are excited to be attending the National Fluid Power Centre (NFPC) along with Hydrotechnik UK Ltd next Wednesday.

    Based in Worksop, the NFPC is the leading technical centre for training in fluid power systems and controls, with specialist facilities and highly skilled staff dedicated to hydraulics, pneumatics and electronics/control.