Neptune Oil Dehydration Units

Filtertechnik’s range of oil dehydration units is perfect for returning oil contaminated with water back to health in a cost-effective manner.

By utilising the revolutionary Filtasorb2 filtration media, Filtertechnik has developed a robust range of oil dehydration units that can return oil at many thousand ppm down to acceptable working levels of water content quickly, efficiently and with low capital and consumable costs. 

Our Neptune range can remove water down to under 100ppm.

The range consists of 4 units:

The time taken for each Neptune unit to clean 1,000 litres of hydraulic oil contaminated with water at 2,500ppm down to under 400ppm (a safe working content for hydraulic oil) is as follows:

  • NDU-1NX: 15L/min   200 minutes
  • NDU-2NX: 25L/min   120 minutes
  • NDU-3NX: 50L/min   60 minutes
  • NDU-4NX: 100L/min 30 minutes

Should on-site verification of cleanliness and water content levels be required, practical Quick Connect fittings allow for connection to the Particle Pal, allowing real-time results in ISO/NAS/SAE in a matter of minutes.

Filtertechnik’s NDU-NX range is the perfect solution to quickly and cost-effectively remove both free & entrained water in oils.

Please select the model you are interested in for more information and data sheets:

  • Neptune Oil Dehydrator Unit NDU-1NX: 15 L/min (900 L/HR)

  • Neptune Oil Dehydrator Unit NDU-2NX: 25 L/MIN (1,500 L/HR)

    NDU-2: 25 L/min (1,500 L/hr)
  • Neptune Oil Dehydrator Unit NDU-3NX: 50 L/MIN (3,000 L/HR)

    Neptune Oil Dehydrator 50 L/min
  • Neptune Oil Dehydrator Unit NDU-4NX: 100 L/MIN (6,000 L/HR)

    Neptune Oil Dehydrator 100 L/min