• Hire Unit launch

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    We are excited to announce the official launch of our filtration hire fleet, capable of removing contamination from a wide range of fuels and oils.

    Being the largest hire fleet available in the UK, we have a comprehensive choice of systems to suit any application and budget.

  • Fuel Polishing just got mobile!

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    We are proud to launch the DFU-4 MU, our exciting new mobile fuel polishing system.

    Combining a powerful throughput of 500L/min* and unrivalled water removal technology, whilst being totally mobile and self-contained, the DFU-4 MU really is pioneering in its class.

  • Protect Your Pistons! Hippo proves a hit for overseas hydraulics

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    We have been working with PT. Kelmer, a leading filtration service and supply company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Providing cutting-edge contamination control systems, for both simple and more complex applications, they promote a total system cleanliness approach for a variety of industries.

    PT. Kelmer were working on behalf of Commonwealth Steel, a company producing grinding media supplied to mining companies across Indonesia. They have several hydraulic press systems with inline filters already installed.

  • Filtasorb2 real life test results

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    Outperforming the competition by a factor of 3!
    The Filtasorb2 filter cell was tested to determine its efficiency at removing water from diesel fuel.  Testing did not cover the filters efficiency for particulate removal.  The diesel fuel used was BS EN 590 #2 (2-D) automotive diesel fuel.

  • Plantworx - A roaring success

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    A successful event – hailed as the ‘best’ UK construction equipment show!

    Plantworx 2015 was the largest construction trade exhibition in the U.K with over 14,000 visitors arriving over the three days. With many of the major plant and construction companies exhibiting, we were thrilled to be a part of the show and present the latest solutions for oil and fuel contamination issues, ideal for protecting powerful plant machinery.

    Tuesday 2nd June

  • What is Dirt-Holding Capacity and why is it so important?

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    As you may know, over 85% of all hydraulic system failures are caused by contaminants in the fluid, either by the direct mechanical action between the contaminants and the system components, or by the contamination acting as a catalyst to accelerate oxidation of the fluid, prompting chemical breakdown.

    Even if no failure occurs, operating efficiency can be markedly reduced and the size of the contamination can vary from the size of a human hair, down to those undetectable by the human eye.