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The Hippo Filter

Introducing the most versatile filtration system on the market today! 

The Hippo range of filtration housings and systems simultaneously removes both water and solid contaminants from a wide range of oils.

They are simple to install and are a cost effective way to removing dirt and solid contaminants from your oils.

Standard in-line filters mostly filter down to 20 micron efficiency. The Hippo filter is capable of removing harmful solid contaminants down to less than 1 micron - the level where the most harmful contaminants are in oil.

Why should you buy the Hippo Filter? 

Further information on Hippo Filter Elements

Hippo Specifications

  • FTP-180-6 - Bypass Filtration System (No Pump)

    FTP-180-6 Bypass Filtration System for Hydraulic & lubrication oils
  • BD5000 : Oil and Fuel Polishing System - 10 L/min (600l/hr)

    BD5000 Oil and fuel Polishing System