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  • How testing is integral to all of our filtration systems

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    We supply custom-made filtration/polishing systems to meet a wide range of applications, whether it is cleaning stored diesel for UPS applications, removing contaminant from skydrol or clean up systems for various ATEX applications, we have a solution available.

    We believe in our comprehensive product testing procedures, proofing all of our components for fault. Our engineering team carry out the following tests on all of our products as standard:

  • From concept to creation - five steps to custom-made filtration

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    Filtertechnik have over 20 years experience of taking a filtration concept and turning it into a world class filtration solution. Our deep understanding of filtration enables our design and engineering team to take the concept and manufacture the right filtration system, no matter what the application.

    For every custom-made filtration system request we take a universal approach: