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Laboratory Equipment

Contaminants cause over 80% of all hydraulic and lube system failures in the fluid.

When there is no apparent deterioration present, high contamination levels can decrease operating efficiency and shorten equipment life.

Hydraulic and lubrication systems rely on having clean and healthy oil to perform reliably and at their best. However, oil can quickly degrade in reactions with water, oxygen and heat, leading to a change of composition and viscosity, and the build-up of contaminants which can lead to:

  • Costly equipment failure as a direct result of contamination
  • Varnish forming
  • Downtime
  • Loss of system performance

Fortunately, having supplied oil filtration equipment for over 25 years, Filtertechnik has a deep understanding of the effects of impurity and how to remedy an ingress issue quickly and cost-effectively.

At Filtertechnik we offer several ways to analyse your oil.

In-House Laboratory

We have our laboratory where we can quickly look at a given sample and produce an ISO report, patch slide and Karl Fischer water content test. This service is often free to our customers as support for their filter usage.

Laboratory Reports

Filtertechnik provides an easy to interpret, independent oil cleanliness report which highlights the condition of your oil. A simple traffic light system indicates the level of contamination and our reports show ISO, particulate, water, bacterial, wear metals, additives and other chemicals is an oil sample.


Best practice for oil testing is to take it from a live operating system at regular frequencies and ensure the machine is running at average operational temperatures, pressures and loads. The recommended place to take a sample to see how machine components are operating is downstream from the working parts before any filtration and before the oil is returned to the system tank. This process will show undiluted results of wear created in the machine. When collecting a sample, ensure the bottle and all equipment is exceptionally clean and dry, or this will interfere with results.

We design and manufacture a broad range of quality control equipment for analysing oil cleanliness levels. Our apparatus helps engineers quickly determine the levels of solid particulate and water in any given sample.

All of our advanced diagnosis and prevention products, test kits, Particle Pal - laser particle counter and sophisticated laboratory service, will help you identify potential problems before it’s too late.

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