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FTECH-WIND - Wound Depth Filters

FTECH-WIND continuously wound cartridge filters are manufactured from high quality yarn wound around a cylindrical support core. The wind pattern is designed to provide finer filtration towards the centre of the cartridge.


The traditional wound construction of the FTECH-WIND is strong, is not easily punctured and is capable of withstanding severe operating conditions.


Solid matter in the liquid is removed by impingement entrapment in this highly efficient filter media, not just on the surface, but also through the entire cartridge.


These are manufactured in controlled conditions and the yarn is spun from high quality fibre specifically for filter cartridge manufacture.



For more information on any of our filter cartridges or inserts, please contact one of our team.


  • Wide range of fibre types
  • Integral support core
  • Wide chemical compatibility
  • Most industry end cap styles available
  • Continuous wound longer lengths
  • Washed yarn option
  • Voile option to prevent fibre migration


  • Range of nominal ratings from 1 to 150um
  • Temperature range up to 400C
  • Wide choice of fibre types and core materials for maximum chemical compatibility
  • Graded density structure for high dirt holding capacity
  • Most medias suitable for Food contact applications.