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FT-82 & 83 SERIES

The 82 & 83 SERIES bag housings are designed for use with the DUOLINE A SERIES 5½” ring style bags. 


The top opening style is equipped with a Cast Vee clamp as standard with the option of Rathmann style bolted closures for pressures up to 10 bar.g.



This is a free standing with side inlet and outlet connections.

These small diameter filter housings offer great flexibility in terms of high flow and limited floor space requirements.

Use of the inverted dished end style free standing 82 SERIES housing is ideally suited to continuous process operations where economy and low volume hold up is paramount.


This housing is infinitely flexible with adjustable legs and bottom outlet connection, making it ideal for batch applications, where free draining and frequent process changes take place.



Both housings will accept the full range of Filtertechnik standard A Series bags ranging from 1 to 1000 micron with nominal lengths of 16” and 32”.


  • Internally and externally electropolished as standard
  • Robust bag support basket assembly fabricated from perforated sheet rather than wire mesh for extra strength
  • Positive bag seating mechanism to minimise risk of seal bypass
  • Wide range of options available for connection sizes and types and materials of construction
  • Rated at 10 bar liquid


  • Integral vent to aid efficient filter changeout
  • Each housing is etched with a unique serial number for full traceability
  • Full housing customisation service available