• Particulate Clean Up After Hose Failure

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    All hydraulic systems require leak free hoses for the safe transfer of fluid to power to components such as cylinders and rams. Hoses are normally integral to the running of most hydraulic systems. As hoses are continually used they can often fail from time to time.

    Common reasons to why hoses fail:

  • Filtasorb2 launched by Filtertechnik

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    Filtasorb2 launched by Filtertechnik

    An innovative new British technology for the removal of water from oil and fuel

    Filtertechnik, a leader in filtration technology and clean-up systems for fuel, biodiesel, oil, and process fluids, has launched Filtasorb2, its revolutionary new water absorbency media. Filtasorb2 is set to revolutionise the market for removing both free and absorbed water from all oils, bio-based oils, biodiesel and modern blends of diesel fuel, both from a technical point of view and as a viable economic proposition.

  • Data Centre World 2015

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    Data Centre World 2015

    Filtertechnik exhibited at Data Centre World 2015 located at the London Excel Arena over March 11th-12th. We found the exhibition a success enabling us to network with our customers and display our latest cutting edge filtration systems. Our diesel filtration systems can be found in Data Centres across the U.K. Here are a few pictures from the day:



  • Oil Sampling & ISO Cleanliness Levels

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    Rather like the human body, hydraulic systems need regular check ups to test for contamination, whether that may be particulate build up caused by oil degradation or high levels of water found in the system.

    Steps to take an oil sample:
    1. Ensure the machine is either shut down or just started to operate. This way any contamination in the fluid can be captured
    2. Remove cap or cover to get to the tank
    3. Insert the correct outlet hose and collect roughly 100ml of oil

  • Key Causes Of Oil Degradation

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    The Key Causes Of Oil Degradation

    Oil degradation can be caused by many different reasons although, what is clear is that if you do not understand why your oil is degrading in the first place then this it is likely to lead to escalating costs.

    Listed below are the most common reasons why oil degrades: