• Data Centres and fuel contamination

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    From the onset of ULSD we have seen a steady increase in fuel contamination over the years post 2009 legislation kicking in. The new ULSD with FAME content has a shelf life and if not kept in check will result in many cases equipment downtime and equipment failure. The change in fuel has had an impact on emergency fuel powered generators used as back up for banks and data centres encase of power failure.

  • 70 Years of Filtration Excellence for Schroeder Industries

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    Founded in 1946 as Schroeder Brothers Corporation, 2016 marks the 70th year of continued operation for ‪Schroeder Industries LLC.


    We are proud to be official distributors for UK and Europe and look forward to another 70 years of quality products and service.


  • 5 Years of Filtertechnik

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    As you may know, Filtertechnik has been running for over 25 years under the Hydrotechnik UK banner but it was back in 2011 that we became a limited company in our own right.

  • Why is Oil Analysis important?

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    Why is analysis so important?

    Contamination can either come from external sources (ingestion) or are generated from within (ingression). New systems often have contaminants left behind from manufacturing and assembly. Unless they are filtered as they enter the circuit, both the original fluid and the make-up fluid are likely to contain more contaminants than the system can tolerate. Systems can ingest contaminants through components such as worn cylinder rod seals. Furthermore, airborne contaminants can be a problem during routine maintenance, as well as friction and heat producing contamination internally.

  • Keep your fuel/oil clean over winter with our hire fleet

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    Why leave your fuel/oil unprotected over winter?

    At this time of year oil and fuel applications can experience start up problems due to the increased viscosity at cold temperatures. In many cases this can cause mechanical or increased wear on system components leading to unecessary replacement costs. 

  • Custom made filtration systems proving popular

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    In the run up to Christmas Filtertechnik are busy with our world- class filtration systems being in constant demand across the globe. All of our systems are designed and built here in the U.K, with our expert engineering team ready to ensure that customer requirements are always met.

    Customised solutions