• Why is Oil Analysis important?

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    Why is analysis so important?

    Contamination can either come from external sources (ingestion) or are generated from within (ingression). New systems often have contaminants left behind from manufacturing and assembly. Unless they are filtered as they enter the circuit, both the original fluid and the make-up fluid are likely to contain more contaminants than the system can tolerate. Systems can ingest contaminants through components such as worn cylinder rod seals. Furthermore, airborne contaminants can be a problem during routine maintenance, as well as friction and heat producing contamination internally.

  • Keep your fuel/oil clean over winter with our hire fleet

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    Why leave your fuel/oil unprotected over winter?

    At this time of year oil and fuel applications can experience start up problems due to the increased viscosity at cold temperatures. In many cases this can cause mechanical or increased wear on system components leading to unecessary replacement costs. 

  • Custom made filtration systems proving popular

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    In the run up to Christmas Filtertechnik are busy with our world- class filtration systems being in constant demand across the globe. All of our systems are designed and built here in the U.K, with our expert engineering team ready to ensure that customer requirements are always met.

    Customised solutions

  • Energy4PowerLive 2015 Review

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    The Energy4PowerLive at the Hilton Hotel, London proved a triumphant success. This was the first time Filtertechnik Ltd exhibited at the show and thanks to the impressive line up, it provided the ideal opportunity for our fuel cleanliness expert to network with current and prospective customers.

  • The Hippo triumphs again on hydraulic oil

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    The Hippo (FTP-180) continues to clean hydraulic oil to impressive cleanliness levels across a variety of hydraulic oil applications. For the manufacturer of exhaust pipes continually replacing contaminated oil that powered the presser machine proved costly.

  • Particle Pal End Of Year Sale Special Offer

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    For a limited period of time we have a select few of our award-winning line of Particle Pals for sale. Based on a first come first served basis, the incredible prices provide the perfect opportunity to obtain top class analysis equipment at budget prices. Get real time analysis results for your fuels and oils and find out in minutes whether action is required to prevent costly breakdowns.