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Digital imaging Particle Counters

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    Utilising Digital Imaging

    Particle Pal Pro
  • S120 Digital Imaging Particle Counter
    Get a deeper insight into oil health

    S120 - Digital Imaging Particle Counter

The revolutionary new Digital Imaging particle counting technique gives unprecedented insight into the type and quantity of contamination in any given oil or diesel fuel sample. ISO/NAS/SAE counts as well as a broader micron range, shape recognition, bubble elimination and the ability to handle higher viscosities.

This breakthrough technology uses advanced algorithms to calculate the size and shape of particulate on images taken at between 2 & 4 frames/second. The technology also gives root cause shape recognition to the particulate in live systems or bottle samples of any oil. Special algorithms and AI analyse images on the fly with a resolution of 2 microns up to several hundred microns.

Particles are counted and categorised into Fatigue, Sliding or Cutting Wear. Air Bubbles and Water Droplets are counted and then eliminated from the counts making this suitable for live testing or permanent installation on systems where air is present such as large gearboxes.

High-resolution images are saved for further analysis and reporting such as the one above.

Filtertechnik supply the S120 counter as a stand-alone particle counter for integration into live systems for 24/7 monitoring. Alternatively, we have developed a range of portable oil analysis cases designed to give on the spot oil analysis and a deep understanding of the type and quantity of contamination in any given oil sample. Built-in software takes readings from the new digital imaging technology and presents Engineers with an easy to understand analysis including images of contamination in the oil sample.