Oil Cleanup Systems

Filtertechnik offer a wide range of oil cleanup and purification (polishing) systems, which assist in overcoming industry challenges associated with water and particulate contamination in all industrial oils. Hydraulic and lubrication systems rely on having clean and dry oil in order to perform reliably and at their best. However, oil can quickly degrade in reactions with solid particulate, water, oxygen and heat, leading to a change of composition and viscosity, and the build-up of contaminants.

80% of all hydraulic and lubrication failures are caused by water or particulate contamination

Source: BFPA

Filtertechnik manufacture filter carts and oil clean up skids for removing solid particulate and water at flow rates from 5 to 100L/min.

New Neptune Oil Dehydrator Range

Oil dehydrators are a low cost method of rapidly returning wet oil back to a healthy condition in a cost effective manner.
We also offer High performance filter bodies, pleated filter elements as well as bag filter housings and a range of high performance filter inserts which include the revolutionary Filtasorb2 water removal media

  • Neptune Oil Dehydrator Unit NDU-4NX: 100 L/MIN (6,000 L/HR)

    Neptune Oil Dehydrator 100 L/min
  • BD5000 : Oil and Fuel Polishing System - 10 L/min (600l/hr)

    BD5000 Oil and fuel Polishing System